Coffee and Staying Ahead

This is such a beautiful account of your time in Kapchorwa.
Read on and see Kapchorwa, Eastern Uganda, the slopes of the great Mt. Elgon through the beautiful and poetic mind and eyes of Ms. Komusana. You are an invaluable part of the team. #KoikoiUG – The Ugandan story goes on!

Everything and Nothing

I did promise to share the rest of my experience from #koikoiEast trip so here we are.
It comes later than I had hoped but in my defense I was trying to get these koikoiEast human beings to send  me some more pictures but as it turns out they are hoarders so lets do this.
I will take my own pictures next time.
Also  if you are the type to brag that you made your own coffee in the morning because you know how to twist the cover off the tin of Nescafe in your kitchen, or are fancy enough to operate a coffee maker,  I am afraid I have some difficult news.
You have never made coffee.
Let me tell you how coffee is made.
It starts with a trip to the slopes of Mt Elgon in Kapchorwa ,
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On a completely unrelated note ,  I picked up a fundamental…

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Lessons From a Venturesome Weekend In Eastern Uganda

Two weeks ago, I contacted a friend of mine who I’ve come to know as the go-to person when you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, telling him I needed to get away from my busy life – I needed to unplug and “do something wild.” He quickly sent me a schedule for an adventurous weekend of hiking, abseiling, and exploring eastern Uganda with an incredibly fun group of people called Kafunda Kreative. Here are a few thoughts that have stayed with me since that delightful weekend at Sipi Falls:

The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.

When I decided that I wanted to be more adventurous, I could’ve gone online to read articles or watch inspiring videos about how to achieve this goal, or I could’ve bought yet another self-help book. However, by getting connected to this group of experienced and aspiring adventurers, I was able to experience a fun weekend of mummy-won’t-approve activities that fast tracked my journey to change. So before you buy that next book, read that next article, or watch that next video, ask yourself if there are people around you who can expedite your process of becoming the person you want to be.

Growth and success begin at the end of your comfort zone.

Strangers, heights, long bus rides, cold weather. These are all things that make me uncomfortable but were a necessary part of the trip. It would’ve been easy and rather unfortunate, to fixate on all the negatives. However, by focusing on the positives – new friends and potential colleagues, new experiences, new memories, a nice break from work – I managed to have a weekend that I’ll look back on with satisfaction for the rest of my life. What action do you need to take to get out of your comfort zone today? Don’t waste another minute. Get on it! One of my mentors has always said, “if it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, it probably won’t change you.” Oh and those strangers…they’ve become friends that I look forward to traveling with over and over again during my time in Uganda.

Stop, breathe, and cherish the moment. Everything will be fine.

About 30ft into my descent, I felt the rock disappear from under my feet and I began to spin. In a state of panic, I looked up at the safe level ground from which I had descended, and then down at the 300ft distance below me. I could neither go back up nor hasten the drop. So I decided to look straight ahead. Boy, was the view amazing! I was within 10ft of the waterfall and as I continued to spin, I took in a panoramic view of the lush greenery that surrounded me. The beauty around me brought on a sense of peace and reverence for God that I would’ve missed if I had stayed focused on where I had come from or where I was going. It’s important to be familiar with your history as you keep an eye on your goals but it’s equally important to keep the future and past from obstructing your view of the present. Make it a point to enjoy every step of your life journey.

What matters most is not how many times you fall, but rather how many times you get back up and keep moving.

Honestly, I didn’t even know what “abseiling” meant until I was at the edge of a cliff 328ft (100m) above sea level harnessed to a rope that was essentially my lifeline during my descent into what seemed like an abyss. Believe it or not, going down wasn’t the hardest part for me. I had watched at least 10 other people do it before me so I figured I’d survive. What challenged me was the hike back up the mountain after.

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Quick Guide To Kapchorwa, Uganda

Joel Jemba

I had never been to Kapchorwa, Uganda before. Though I had read and studied about it. Recently together with friends under the umbrella #KoikoiUg we visited, toured and experienced numerous activities in Kapchorwa.  You see Kapchorwa is a district in the Eastern Region of Uganda, with a number of physical features that welcome you from afar. As you arrive, you are immediately charmed, completely overwhelmed, absolutely disorientated and totally plunged into a different world.

WP_20160507_036 (2) A lodge located next to the third Sipi falls, it has one the best views, of both the terrain and the waterfalls.

Here is quick guide to Kapchorwa and its wonders;

The Location

Kapchorwa is located in the Sebie region approximately 310 kilometres (190 mi), by road, northeast of Kampala –Uganda’s capital city. Kapchorwa is also approximately 65 kilometres (40 mi), by road, northeast of Mbale, the largest city in the Eastern Region. Depending on the efficiency of the car engine this journey…

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Quarter Life Crisis

It’s my birthday this month. I start to go around the bend of what has now been officially termed as the quarter life crisis. I prefer to refer to it as the age of stupid. It is a period in ones life where they start to feel doubtful about their life. The realities of adulthood, or at least as society dictates them, begin to stress one out. You sit back and wonder what it is that you have done with your life. Some people go for bigger degrees. Some get married, many times to the wrong person due to pressure hence it being appropriately named ‘age of stupid.’ Some have babies. I decided to do stuff that scares the shit out of me.

I got together with a couple of friends and started a company. It really is a collective more than anything but those strict chaps at the registrar could really let us call it that. Kafunda Kreative, a dream to create a space where creatives can learn from each other, collaborate and grow together to produce kick ass brands, products and services, was born. This wasn’t my first rodeo in the start up sector. In the past however, I didn’t share it as openly as I do today. I was afraid that if this company became a statistic as one of the ones that doesn’t last 3 years after inception, the world would always look at me as a failure. They would laugh, point and whisper as I walked through the streets, I would imagine.

In a cafe, on a napkin, the KoiKoiUg dream was born. Collaborating in building brand Uganda would be the first thing we try our hand at, utilizing the power of social media to tell stories to change minds and break stereotypes.

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What is child labor? This is a question that runs through your mind as an 11 year child hauls your grown ass up the slopes of Kapchorwa. For some, asses more grown than others. The contemplation on labor laws is only momentary though. Almost immediately a dilemma presents itself. How does one marvel at the beauty and wonder of the Sipi valley without slipping and tumbling down? Perhaps they should have told us the climb up was the real challenge. One mis step and it’s a wrap. A true test of will and focus.

Kapchorwa is that kind of place. It tests you. Abseiling is a somewhat stupid, irresponsible and reckless undertaking. One everyone should try at least once in their life. Also there has never been a more appropriate use of the phrase ‘see your life,’ like this one. Just before the unforgiving 100m drop, you are led to a viewing point. A lush green carpet of trees tops leads the way to the star of the show, sitting comfortably over the perfectly chiseled throne in the rock. Sipi falls is a magnificent and sobering view. Only here do certain things dawn on you.

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A Night In Mabira Forest

“Is that here in Uganda?” That is 80% the reaction you’ll get when you mention Griffin Falls to anyone randomly. The answer is yes. For a waterway located in the middle of our own forest whose name is as indigenous as it gets, you can understand everyone’s confusion, mine inclusive. Which is why I will hereby declare my own disapproval of the nomenclature applied for the place. I’m yet to do my research on how they came up with that name but for now, let’s go on this adventure.

44 km East of Kampala, the capital of Uganda in the heart of the famous for sugarcane growing Lugazi district, a long dusty and windy murram path will lead you to the a little path into which grass and some ever-so-imposing tree roots have grown and with small trees and shrubs that appear to be held together in a maze. The silence is defeaning; save from the occasional chirping of crickets, twittering of birds, your breathe and the car engine. The air so cool, is a defiance towards the heat wave that has lately engulfed the nation. Here, it’s almost as if the sun has been warned against exposing its furious furnace to this point. At the end of this path is a round tree opening to wide space that has evidently, from the…

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When You Travel You See, When You’re Back You Share

When the Nile graced us with her serenity. The Kafunda Kreatices visited Jinja, home to the source of the Nile in the Eastern part of Uganda. This is Joel’s account of his time in Jinja.

Joel Jemba

On the list of the thirty seven things people regret when old ‘Not Traveling when you had the chance’ holds the number one position.  For long I had a desire to travel but I stayed in my cocoon keeping it low in my parish and city and read about almost all travellers’ articles and pieces. When I discovered that number one regret, my mindset about travelling changed and took a different drift. Instantly ideas of traveling and places to visit started to flood in my mind and they were hard to ignore trust me you, I tried but they kept on flooding. This set a challenge to beat and I was ready!

Like any other traveller you start by equipping yourself with the basic must have, necessities and then do research about places before you travel.  Since I am beginner at traveling I suggested I will do places that are just…

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