KoikoiEast: Sipi In Kapchorwa

See Kapchorwa, a beautiful hilly sanctuary hidden away in the East of Uganda through the powerful lense of Andrew Pacutho’s Photography.

andrew pacutho photography.

KoikoiUg is a call to all to go, see Uganda, tell the Ugandan story through pictures, blogs, and more in a bid to challenge stereotypes of Uganda.
For me its simply Pictures of Uganda, by Ugandans, for Ugandans and the world. A democratic Narrative.
Recently KoiKoiUg launched KoiKoiEast which saw a group of youth pack their bags and head out to the eastern part of the country specifically Sipi, in Kapchorwa. These are some of the highlights. KoiKoiUg is an initiative of KafundaKreatives.

DSC_3558 Sunset Over the Sipi Falls as seen from the Crows Nest Hotel

DSC_3581 Penelope, one of the ladies on the KoiKoiEast trip takes pics of the Sunrise on her phone.

DSC_4277 Sipi Falls in the warm after noon glare from our accomdations at Crows Nest.

DSC_3804-2 Sipi Falls.

DSC_4491-2 Sipi Falls

DSC_3617 Photography of the photographer photographing the photographer photographing the photographer photographing the sunrise…

DSC_3841-2 Members of the team at the…

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