How to have fun in Kapchwora

A simple guide for a traveller to the Eastern Uganda Sanctuary, that is Kapchorwa.

Diary of a troubled Lass

Who doesn’t love traveling? I did my first “Know Uganda” trip this year with the amazing #KoiKoiUg people under Kafunda Kreativez.  I couldn’t get myself to write anything because I didn’t know what to write about; the amazing people like “sayyyybudayyy” or the beautiful scenery of Kapchwora.

IMG-20160512-WA0014 Meet Ssebudde Ibrahim aka Sayyybudayy

Two things stayed with me,  a getaway for the weekend and my Koi Koi initiation which was long overdue.  All I can say everyone needs to make the trip to understand that FOMO has nothing to do with this.

Like is the case with experiences, everyone has a different one.
I saw the Sipi falls – it was so beautiful.  Since it was my first time there, I assume that there are others who haven’t been there. If you haven’t been there,  let me give you a guide on how to enjoy like I did:
1. Carry comfortable…

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