Coffee and Staying Ahead

This is such a beautiful account of your time in Kapchorwa.
Read on and see Kapchorwa, Eastern Uganda, the slopes of the great Mt. Elgon through the beautiful and poetic mind and eyes of Ms. Komusana. You are an invaluable part of the team. #KoikoiUG – The Ugandan story goes on!

Everything and Nothing

I did promise to share the rest of my experience from #koikoiEast trip so here we are.
It comes later than I had hoped but in my defense I was trying to get these koikoiEast human beings to send  me some more pictures but as it turns out they are hoarders so lets do this.
I will take my own pictures next time.
Also  if you are the type to brag that you made your own coffee in the morning because you know how to twist the cover off the tin of Nescafe in your kitchen, or are fancy enough to operate a coffee maker,  I am afraid I have some difficult news.
You have never made coffee.
Let me tell you how coffee is made.
It starts with a trip to the slopes of Mt Elgon in Kapchorwa ,
blockquote>m image
On a completely unrelated note ,  I picked up a fundamental…

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