The bulls that graced the East

Thank you coming with us Shawn. You’re a great part of the team and thanks for sharing your experience. Travel opens our minds to great new possibilities and understandings of things. We always look forward to having you on the team.


1.The guy that makes sure no one dozes off or even sleeps

He always keeps a straight face, like he has been feeding on some suspicious grass or rather terribly toxic caffeine that he keeps intoxicating the vicinity with rather much needed noise that is actually hated by many. Don’t blame it on the nightmares when he sleeps at 4am and he is up by 6am, making more noise. You probably are not the target market, this guy needs his own radio show for those that want to avoid sleeping, he is your caffeine.

2.The Nomad

He will tell you about karamoja and in the same tone tell you about Yumbe or even Mbarara, it’s like he has traveled the whole Uganda but you can’t be sure because google does exist, but one would wonder if this guy has a home, or not. He has a weathered look that says he…

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