Quick Guide To Kapchorwa, Uganda

Joel Jemba

I had never been to Kapchorwa, Uganda before. Though I had read and studied about it. Recently together with friends under the umbrella #KoikoiUg we visited, toured and experienced numerous activities in Kapchorwa.  You see Kapchorwa is a district in the Eastern Region of Uganda, with a number of physical features that welcome you from afar. As you arrive, you are immediately charmed, completely overwhelmed, absolutely disorientated and totally plunged into a different world.

WP_20160507_036 (2) A lodge located next to the third Sipi falls, it has one the best views, of both the terrain and the waterfalls.

Here is quick guide to Kapchorwa and its wonders;

The Location

Kapchorwa is located in the Sebie region approximately 310 kilometres (190 mi), by road, northeast of Kampala –Uganda’s capital city. Kapchorwa is also approximately 65 kilometres (40 mi), by road, northeast of Mbale, the largest city in the Eastern Region. Depending on the efficiency of the car engine this journey…

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