Quarter Life Crisis

It’s my birthday this month. I start to go around the bend of what has now been officially termed as the quarter life crisis. I prefer to refer to it as the age of stupid. It is a period in ones life where they start to feel doubtful about their life. The realities of adulthood, or at least as society dictates them, begin to stress one out. You sit back and wonder what it is that you have done with your life. Some people go for bigger degrees. Some get married, many times to the wrong person due to pressure hence it being appropriately named ‘age of stupid.’ Some have babies. I decided to do stuff that scares the shit out of me.

I got together with a couple of friends and started a company. It really is a collective more than anything but those strict chaps at the registrar could really let us call it that. Kafunda Kreative, a dream to create a space where creatives can learn from each other, collaborate and grow together to produce kick ass brands, products and services, was born. This wasn’t my first rodeo in the start up sector. In the past however, I didn’t share it as openly as I do today. I was afraid that if this company became a statistic as one of the ones that doesn’t last 3 years after inception, the world would always look at me as a failure. They would laugh, point and whisper as I walked through the streets, I would imagine.

In a cafe, on a napkin, the KoiKoiUg dream was born. Collaborating in building brand Uganda would be the first thing we try our hand at, utilizing the power of social media to tell stories to change minds and break stereotypes.

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