What is child labor? This is a question that runs through your mind as an 11 year child hauls your grown ass up the slopes of Kapchorwa. For some, asses more grown than others. The contemplation on labor laws is only momentary though. Almost immediately a dilemma presents itself. How does one marvel at the beauty and wonder of the Sipi valley without slipping and tumbling down? Perhaps they should have told us the climb up was the real challenge. One mis step and it’s a wrap. A true test of will and focus.

Kapchorwa is that kind of place. It tests you. Abseiling is a somewhat stupid, irresponsible and reckless undertaking. One everyone should try at least once in their life. Also there has never been a more appropriate use of the phrase ‘see your life,’ like this one. Just before the unforgiving 100m drop, you are led to a viewing point. A lush green carpet of trees tops leads the way to the star of the show, sitting comfortably over the perfectly chiseled throne in the rock. Sipi falls is a magnificent and sobering view. Only here do certain things dawn on you.

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