A Night In Mabira Forest

“Is that here in Uganda?” That is 80% the reaction you’ll get when you mention Griffin Falls to anyone randomly. The answer is yes. For a waterway located in the middle of our own forest whose name is as indigenous as it gets, you can understand everyone’s confusion, mine inclusive. Which is why I will hereby declare my own disapproval of the nomenclature applied for the place. I’m yet to do my research on how they came up with that name but for now, let’s go on this adventure.

44 km East of Kampala, the capital of Uganda in the heart of the famous for sugarcane growing Lugazi district, a long dusty and windy murram path will lead you to the a little path into which grass and some ever-so-imposing tree roots have grown and with small trees and shrubs that appear to be held together in a maze. The silence is defeaning; save from the occasional chirping of crickets, twittering of birds, your breathe and the car engine. The air so cool, is a defiance towards the heat wave that has lately engulfed the nation. Here, it’s almost as if the sun has been warned against exposing its furious furnace to this point. At the end of this path is a round tree opening to wide space that has evidently, from the…

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