Marvels Of Fort Portal

When the Koi Koi Ug team decided that we’d go to Fort Portal, I knew I was in for a treat. A colonial town, one of the top tourist destinations of the country that is also home to Tooro Kingdom, will definitely be something to write home about I thought. But even this prior awareness had not prepared me enough for what I was about experience. This is an account of half my experience, not because the other half was not worthwhile, because believe me it was, only because these places stood out for me. They were the marvels.

Getting to Fort Portal was nothing short of an adventure in itself. Had we had a TV crew following us around right from 8 pm when we set off, I bet you your bottom dollar we’d have given any of the local TV Dramas a run for their money. I’m talking minor car accidents on the road, empty fuel gauges in the middle of Kibale Forest, casualties and hospitals, name it.  But the Koi Koi Squad are real troopers I tell you, there was no mood dampened nor energy drained and as such,  after we finally managed to reach our destination at about 6 am the next day: tired, hungry and sleep deprived, we ( a team of 14 amazing photographers and social media enthusiasts) proceeded to freshen up, have breakfast and get to work; capturing amazing shots of the town and its surroundings. With every shot a story was to be told. The Koi Koi story. The Ugandan story, in this case, particularly that of Fort Portal town. The world must be made aware of our country’s beauty, culture, geography and infrastructure; we went on a mission to make this happen…

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